Just like we ask you a lot of questions before we draw up an itinerary for you, we ask a place as many questions before we make it a part of our wanderings. Like what's the best time to visit? Is it season or off-season? Is the weather travel-friendly? Are there any festivals, celebrations or events you can be a part of? So after much interrogation and planning we came up with a few trips that are an absolute must. But as the seasons change, so will these trips. So keep dropping in.


North East India is a hidden jewel whose beauty is yet to be realized. And the extraordinary Living Root bridges, which Cherrapunjee (one of the wettest places in the world) is famous for, are a standing example of that. How they came about and continue to grow is a story in itself. One that you will learn about, when we explore them through a short trek. Along with discovering Cherapunjee’s other hidden treasure, a dense network of limestone caves, some of which stretch well over 10kms. under