Meet the Wanderers

To many, Broken Compass may seem like just another travel venture; to Manjari Verma and Avani Patel, it is their calling. Simply because they have been travelling the path of the broken compass for as long as they can remember. In 2009, they decided it was time to help people plan trips and really explore and see the world. After all, you live just once.

Manjari Verma

A travel-writer and blogger by profession; Manjari never thought she was quitting her advertising career for something that was more fun, but just as hectic. Today, she has her hands full; between travelling, penning down her routes for various publications & websites, painting, pursuing photography, reincarnating everyday junk into something beautiful and managing her home. Add to that her newest passion, letting her travel bug bite others through Broken Compass. She never thought that what started off as exploring the country because of her Army background, would end up becoming a way of life. Now, checking places off her Travel Bucket List is like breathing.


Avani Patel

Avani started her travel venture long before she realised it, by planning trips for family and friends since childhood. Many years hence, she welcomes more such friends into her circle with Broken Compass. Along the way, she picked up a penchant for adventure that saw her live a diverse life; that of a marine biologist, an open-water scuba diver, a mountaineer and an avid photographer. An ever-growing list of passions that she juggles with running a home. If you’re wondering how she manages to balance it all, even she doesn't know. Maybe it’s her formal training in Bharatnatyam.